Drop Off Services

We offer drop off services for your convenience. You can drop off your pet in the morning (or any time that is convenient for you) and we can do our examination and treatments without you having to wait. We will discuss our finding with you in person, or on the phone, and will give you written information on what we found and the treatments we performed.

Brian’s Kennels, Grooming and Training is next door. You can drop your pet off at Brian’s Kennels for the day and have them groomed, examined, as well as their annual exam, annual tests (heartworm), and vaccines updated. They can be ready to go when it is convenient for you.

Brian’s Kennels Training & Boarding

We offer this service to try to make it as easy as possible for you to provide the great care for your pets that you and they deserve. If you utilize our drop-off services, you will be asked to fill out a drop-off form to inform us of any problems your pet may be having, any concerns you may have, and giving permission for various treatments and diagnostics.

Please call for a regular appointment or to set up an appointment for the drop-off service. 617-773-0008