We treat Exotic pets, including:

  • Ferrets
  • Small mammals
  • Rabbits
  • Guinea pigs

We offer routine treatments for these animals. We recognize that exotic animals have very special needs, including special handling, special attention to dietary and environmental needs. We strive to provide the best environment to help care for your special pets. We do not treat poisonous or wild animals. At this time we do not treat reptiles or birds. We recommend the Specialists at Angell Memorial Animal Hospital for care of Birds and Reptiles as well as for some specialized care of other species.

Did you know that all pets, not just dogs and cats, need veterinary care to stay happy and healthy? Exotic pets like ferrets, rabbits, Guinea pigs and rodents can be fun and fulfilling to bring into your life, but they also have very special needs as far as husbandry and health care.

Here at Hancock Animal Hospital, we offer both wellness care and medical treatment to help meet the special needs of exotic pets.

Most importantly, we recommend a wellness exam immediately after purchasing or adopting an exotic pet. This is very important because, due to their environmental needs, many exotics can come from the breeder, pet store, or shelter with hidden health problems. In this first visit, we will also help you make sure you have the best habitat possible for your new companion.

After that, health care requirements vary between different species: In addition to the recommended routine care, any pet showing signs of illness should be seen by a veterinarian as soon as possible. If you have any questions about whether your pet needs to be seen, or about caring for your pet, please call and we will be glad to talk with you and help answer any questions you have.

Recommended care:


  • Post-purchase wellness visit with Distemper Vaccine (Special Ferret Vaccinations) at
  • 8, 11, and 14 weeks of age, and Rabies Vaccine at 12-16 weeks, then annually
  • Yearly wellness exam and vaccines until 4 years of age. Twice yearly wellness visits after 4 years
  • Bloodwork at age 4-5
  • Visit the American Ferret Association for more Ferret information

Guinea pigs and Small Mammals

  • Post-purchase wellness visit
  • Yearly wellness exam


  • Post-purchase wellness visit
  • Spay/neuter between 4-8 months of age (referred to AMAH)
  • Yearly wellness exam
  • Visit House Rabbit Society for more Rabbit information

Please feel free to call our office with any questions. 617-773-0008