xray2Hancock Animal Hospital has a modern surgery suite where routine surgery can be performed. We perform spays, neuters, emergency surgery, eye surgeries, bladder surgery, wound management surgery, tumor and mass removals, as well as many other surgical procedures.

We have advanced monitoring equipment, including ECG (electrocardiogram), Pulse Oximetry (oxygen saturation), BP (blood pressure), and Esophageal stethoscope monitoring. We use advanced anesthetic drugs and a pre-medication, induction, and maintenance to help ensure the safety of your pet.

While under anesthesia an assistant constantly monitors their vital-signs and overall condition, utilizing an ECG (EKG), Pulse-Oximeter, and esophageal stethoscope.

Any patients undergoing a surgical procedure over 30-minutes have an IV catheter (intravenous catheter) placed and is given IV fluids via a special IV-fluid pump to help support their cardiovascular and renal systems.

Xray1We believe strongly in recommending the best possible care for your pets. For this reason there are certain surgeries that we may refer out to a surgical specialist in order for your pet to be provided with the best care.

Please feel free to call to discuss our surgical policies. Clients are always welcome to tour the hospital, including the surgery suite.