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yelpHancock Animal Hospital offers state-of-the-art care for your precious family members. Dr. Wember and the hospital staff will work diligently to provide the best care for you and your pets. We truly strive to make your visit a positive experience.

Our hospital offers routine medical care, vaccinations, advanced treatments, advanced diagnostics (X-rays, Ultrasound, Bloodwork), laser therapy, dentistry and surgery (inclusion radio-surgery). We offer a modern hospital in a friendly environment that emphasizes quality patient care and client satisfaction.

For your convenience, we offer morning drop-off service, as well as evening and weekend hours. Grooming, training and boarding are available next door. Please call for an advance appointment, or feel free to stop by to see the clinic and meet our staff.

We are located just off I-93 at the North Quincy / Milton / Boston line.

Featured Service: Dentistry

Calculus build up and Gingivitis
Calculus build
up and Gingivitis

Hancock Animal Hospital offers full routine dental services. We will evaluate your pet’s dental condition and recommend the best course of action.

Dental disease is a serious and under-treated condition in many dogs and cats. Dental disease is a crucial component of your pet’s health care and can lead to severe cardiac, renal disease and pain.

Many pets just need a full dental cleaning and then proper home management after the cleaning. Some animals have broken teeth or an abscess around the tooth root and need to have extractions (pulling out teeth). Extractions are very important if the tooth (teeth) is damaged or the dental disease has led to teeth/bone resorption. Most dogs and cats do extremely well after their dental procedure and feel much better once their teeth are cleaned and any damaged teeth removed. It is extremely important to start on proper DENTAL HOME CARE after the dental cleaning.

Hancock Animal Hospital provides a dental-care kit for all patients undergoing a dental cleaning and will go over the proper use to help prevent future dental disease. Read more!

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